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wiskerinasYes, we are women and we love facial hair! We proudly rock out our fake beards and moustaches on any given day and travel to compete in them as well, supporting our local Federation. We even count two National Whiskerina Champions among our membership!

The Bearded Betties are the local chapter of the national group of ladies known as The ‘Whiskerinas’.  Our Bearded Betties have competed in local and regional competitions bringing home several awards in both the Fake Moustache and Fake Beard categories.

We are also very actively involved in the Federation by providing administrative support, hands-on volunteer efforts, through organization of donations, website design, eNewsletter development, event promotion and general beard stroking.

wiskerinas2One of our Bearded Betties, Shannon Medley, is a professional hair stylist and expert beard stylist.  Many of her masterpieces have taken first and second place awards in local and regional competitions.

We encourage ALL women to join us to celebrate their facial haired men and all the incredible things they do for their families and their communities.  And…they admit, they’re lucky to have us–and the group couldn’t function without us.