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Officer Responsibilities and Bylaws for Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation a/k/a “QCBMF” and/or “The Federation”.

Officer Responsibility:

  • President: oversees and assists with the duties of all officers.  This person will conduct the opening, facilitation, and closing of the monthly meeting and act as a figurehead and spokesman for the club in all public affairs.
  • Vice President: assists the president with all meetings.  This person is responsible for setting up the local meetings. This includes creating the event page to invite people to events, media communications, and will act as a spokesperson for the club in public affairs.
  • Secretary: records minutes of each meeting.  This person will keep attendance record of meetings, voting, maintain member listing, and keep historical records.
  • Treasurer: records and maintains all financial records of fundraisers and club accounts. This person will be responsible for club merchandise and the sale of this merchandise as well as providing monthly financial reports.
  • Media Coordinator: Maintains club website and all social media. Initiates all media contacts, including press releases for events. Maintains contact with partner organizations.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Attends, supervises, and organizes all volunteer activities. Interacts with media as appropriate.
  • Queen Ambassador (not an official member of the Executive Board):  acts as a spokesperson for the club.  This person will maintain contact with other organizations and the public about The Federation events and what the club is actively participating in and doing for our community.  Every 6th word out of this person mouth has to be QCBMF.

Above all else, we are here to have fun and promote a positive outlook towards people with or without facial hair within our community.  We will achieve this through volunteering, charity work, hosting or attending events or functions, and/or traveling to other competitions across the globe representing the QCBMF.

There are no dues or fees to participate in the club.  You are encouraged to purchase a Federation shirt to visually demonstrate membership.

We accept all forms of facial hair in the club. Every man will choose his own style and will not be discriminated against for his choices.

To be an active member of the club, please attend at least six meetings and volunteer four times per calendar year, or equivalent, subject to the Board’s discretion.

Active members are encouraged to attend all club activities.

Only active members can be elected to the Executive Board (Officers) which consists of the President, Vice President, Treasure, Media Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Secretary.  Elections are held annually.

There is no time limit concerning the amount of time a person can hold office.

When present at any meetings, events, functions, and/or competitions as a QCBMF member (active or inactive) or an Officer, common courtesy, good conduct, and common sense is expected.  The QCBMF Club does not want to ever be perceived in a bad light. The same expectation applies anytime you are wearing a QCBMF shirt.  Serious violations will be handled on a case by case basis with the individual that committed the violations and the Executive Board.  In the event the violation is committed by an Officer, the remaining officers and active members will decide the appropriate actions to be taken.

A minimum of three officers and at least four members are required to have a quorum at an official meeting.

Majority rules.

In the event that the group should choose to disband or dissolve, after paying outstanding debts, all remaining goods and funds will be donated to local charitable organizations.