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As we’ve continued to grow each year and open up new categories, we’ve become aware of the need to provide some guidance for contestants so they can relax and have fun once they arrive for the competition.  Below you’ll find a list of guidelines and an overview of the judging process.

Competition Process & Structure

The beard signifies the courageous, the earnest, the active, the vigorous, so that when we describe such, we say “He is a bearded man.”  ~St. Augustine

Each contestant, even if he registered online, will come to the registration booth to check in, receive contestant number and participate in pre-judging to determine whether he is entered in the correct category.

facial-hair-stylesGroup Judging
We’re expected quite a crowd this year and have taken our long time patrons requests into consideration this year, so judging will be a done in two phases.  Once the competition begins, contestants will stand together at stage right and be called up to the main stage, In number order, to be introduced.  All contestants will remain on the stage while a panel of 3 judges admire your locks.

The best six contestants will be identified and will move on to the next phase of judging.  If there are only eight contestants in a category, all eight will move on to next phase.

Intimate Judging Lounge

Borrowed ideas from The Great Ozarkan Beard Off in Eureka Springs helped us develop our second phase of judging.  A new panel of judges will be waiting for you in a private room.  The judges will take extra time, with your permission, to touch your hair and ask questions to get a sense of how your facial hair affects your personality.

Points will be assigned with a 1, 3 or 5 for various categories including:

  • Size:  the overall length, width, girth and density (fullness) of the hair.  Beards are measured from the bottom of the lip to the end of the longest follicle that hangs naturally (meaning not stretched).   Moustaches must stop at the corner of the mouth. Moustaches growing below the corner of the mouth will be considered partial beard.
  • Quality:  the graduation, taper, angle and thickness of individual hair follicles; the precise grooming (fly away hairs), sheen and symmetry of the facial hair.
  • Color:  the natural color of the hair:  multi-color blending, natural lightening or graying, vibrancy, consistency or variation.
  • Style & Presentation:  Does the facial hair fit the man?  Does it compliment the man’s overall style?  These are considerations for the judges.  How is the wearer of the facial hair’s attitude, attention to the crowd, attire or overall look.
  • Durability:  In freestyled and ‘fake’ facial hair, this refers to the practical wearability and craftsmanship of the beard.  Will the look fall apart three minutes after judging?
  • Creativity:  How much creativity or imagination went into the development of the freestyled or ‘fake’ facial hair.  Styling aids, decorations and costumes are encouraged as part of the overall look.

After final judging, points will be counted and the winning contestants announced on the main stage.

The judging panel includes our returning special guest, Tom Trtan, local meteorologist and moustache icon as well as folks from our beneficiary, the Rare Breed, comics from the Skinny Improv, and ladies from the Springfield Roller Girls as well as sponsoring barber, Hudson Hawk and the Rogue Barber’s lovely wife.

Our emcee for the evening is local musician and QCBMF member, Steve Ames.  Guest musicians providing entertainment for the evening include The Bearded Two and Goat Milk Honey.

We’ve made it our mission to make sure everyone is comfortable and entertained this year.  There will be more intermissions, music and improv throughout the evening with lots of space to move around, indoors and out.  Our goal is raise $10,000 for an incredibly important cause and excited to be hosting many of our region’s best ladies and gentlemen.

Less than 10 days away!  See you at the Meet & Greet!

Your friends,

the Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation

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