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As our organization has grown, we’ve received occasional requests for help in our community–both from traditional non-profit organizations and less traditional groups or individuals. Most of our volunteer opportunities are with local non-profits, but sometimes we are able to pull together the help and resources we need to help more directly.

One request in particular was for a disabled gentleman who needed a sidewalk installed from his porch so he could beards_sidewalkhave easier accessibility to the street.  Our Federation pooled our resources and found some tradesmen who were able to solicit donations from their employers to provide lumber and concrete for the job.

Three evenings after work and about 45 volunteer hours later, the mission was accomplished.  The homeowner was very grateful.

Although we can be limited by resources, we are open to these type of requests.  If you know of someone needing help in our co176mmunity and have been unable to find an organization to help them with a small project, feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to see what we can do. Many of our members maintain their own close connections to non-profits in our area and are happy to help you with resources–we’ve got friends all over town!

Whenever we’re able, we make our volunteer events kid- and family-friendly. The QCBMF kids have helped clean up the street, walk dogs at the Haven, cook and serve meals for those in need, and work a marathon water station.

Outside of official group volunteer activities, you’ll find our members working Street Outreach with the homeless population in our community, answering local crisis lines, and even working at local non-profit organizations.