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If you’re coming to your first competition, particularly as a competitor, you might be wondering what to expect. Well, every competition is a bit different, so this applies to ours, but isn’t unusual by any means.

Registration and Check-in

Pre-registration makes things easier for everyone, but the basics will be the same if you’re pre-registered or not.

This is a good time to talk about categories. You probably picked a category in pre-registration, but if you didn’t, registration staff will be happy to help. In broad terms, hairspray, waxes and other fixatives are only allowed in styled categories. Oils and balms are acceptable in all categories. Costumes are a fun addition, and are encouraged. Ladies, plan to put your beard or stache on for check in–we need a photo with it.

When you check in, you’ll be issued a number. If you’re at a competition like ours, that uses the FHL app, you’ll also get an FHL account, and we’ll snap a pic for FHL and our judges.  You’ll get a lanyard, and the program will give you an idea when you can expect to go.

Now that you’re checked in, grab a drink and check out the charity and vendors.

Lining Up

When it’s time for your category to be called, you’ll line up–we have wranglers to help get everyone where they’re supposed to be. Categories usually line up as the one before is running to keep the competition flowing smoothly.

Depending on the competition, there may be a green room or prep room available to allow you to touch up your beard right before the line-up. If so, be sure you’re ready before they call you to line up!


On your promenade across the stage, you’ll chat with the MC and audience, then walk in front of the judges. They may ask questions, and can be bribed.  Some competitions break down scores–ours are usually just subjective on the judges’ part. Once you’ve seen the judges, you’re done, other than collecting awards, if you’ve won.


Remember, that’s why we’re here. Open your pockets and wallets at the silent auction or raffles. Part of the fun is learning how much we’ve made for our charity!

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