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The Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation a/k/a “QCBMF” or “The Federation” began in 2009 with roughly six active members following the first local competition held at Patton Alley Pub as a fundraiser for the Livestrong Foundation.  It was founded by Curtis & Christy Claybaker and Devin Cara. Today, QCBMF is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.


Since then, The Federation has grown to more than 30 members and has raised more than $50k for local nonprofits and logged thousands of hours for organizations like the Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary, Toys for Tots, Rare Breed, Gathering Friends, Ozarks Food Harvest, and the Adopt a Street program with the City of Springfield.


In 2013, an executive board was put into place and Bylaws were adopted that clearly define the requirements for being considered an active member of The Federation.  There are no membership dues, only active participation by attending monthly member meetings, volunteering for community organizations and competing in local and area competitions.