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Recently, we asked last year’s primary recipient, the Gathering Friends, for a follow-up. They were kind enough to oblige and let us know what they were able to do with our funds–we’d like to remind everyone that the Gathering Friends generously shared with a number of other organizations last year, so did not take the full proceeds of the 2015 competition.

According to the Gathering Friends, our 2015 donation enabled them to:

  • Buy a large number of single bus passes, as well as weekly and monthly for individuals with greater needs. Bus passes enable those in need to get to doctor’s appointments, social services visits, obtain services, and go to job interviews. (QCBMF also passes the hat monthly to buy a 60-count book of bus passes)
  • Pay to keep an account open at the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy. This account was used to pay for antibiotic prescriptions for those in need.
  • Provide some of those in need with emergency dental care and access to vision care and eyeglasses.
  • Help several people get or┬ámaintain housing by paying rental deposits and City Utilities bills.
  • In addition, our donations enabled the purchase of 40 pairs of new boots this winter to keep feet warm and healthy.

We are so very happy to have been able to help, and hope to continue to in the future–you’ll see us serving meals at least a few times a year.

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