March Meeting

logoThe March meeting of QCBMF will take place at 6:00 PM on March 9, 2016 at McSalty’s Pizza on East Battlefield. We hope to see you there, but if we don’t, the following should provide you with an idea of what’s happening in the near future.

  • We’ve had some great sponsors come on board for the 2016 competition–you can check them out on the (newly redesigned) website, eventbrite, or between now and the competition via our social media postings.
  • Our thanks to Chad Woody for a delightful logo this year!
  • On March 24 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, we’ll be at Ozarks Food Harvest at 2810 N Cedarbrook Ave volunteering. We hope to see you there.
  • The group will NOT be in the St. Pat’s Day parade this year. Board members will be in St. Louis for a competition.
  • The competition is quickly coming up! Please keep in mind that we’re still accepting silent auction donations. Only a limited number of shirts will be available for purchase, so pre-register if you want a competition tee!

The Votes Are Counted


Let fundraising commence! We’re excited to announce that Springfield Community Gardens is the charity of choice for the 2016 Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation Competition.

Springfield Community Gardens distributed more than 60,000 pounds of healthy, locally grown produce to families in need last year, worked to develop communities and teach cooking and gardening skills. We’re excited to help!

We’d like to thank every charity that sent in a proposal, especially our other two finalists, the Haven of the Ozarks and Ozarks Counseling Center. We’ll be building fences at the Haven on 10/24, for anyone able to join us.

The Finalists Are Announced!


Following the meeting of the E-Board on October 5, 2015, Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation is excited to announce that we have a short list of three potential recipients for the funds raised at the 2016 Queen City Beard and Moustache Competition.

Those finalists are:
Springfield Community Gardens Download proposal: MoustacheFederation
The Haven of the Ozarks  Download proposal: QCBMF Grant Proposal
Ozark Counseling Center  Download proposal: Queen City Beard and Mustache Federation

Full grant proposals for each can be accessed from the links above. Members are encouraged to read the proposals prior to the monthly meeting on October 14, 2015. Short summaries will be passed around prior to voting at the meeting. In addition, board members will be available before the meeting with hard copies of each proposal.

Final voting will occur at the October 14 meeting. Let your voice be heard—there’s a lot at stake and you have the opportunity to help choose which charity we’ll help this coming year.

Call for Grant Proposals for the 2016 Competition


The planning has begun for the 2016 Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation Beard and Moustache Competition. In 2015, the Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation raised more than $16,000, shared with the Gathering Friends and Friends, including Rare Breed, Ozarks Food Harvest, Harmony House, Isabel’s House, and O-STEAM. We have significantly increased our fundraising efforts each year, and are excited to begin the process of planning the 2016 competition, scheduled for April 16, 2016.

For the seventh annual competition in Springfield, we have decided to ask local organizations to submit proposals sharing why they are the best choice to receive the funds raised at this event. In order to apply, you must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit and must be local to Springfield or the surrounding area. Those are the only requirements for application. Both small and large organizations, as well as those that have previously benefited, will be considered.

If you’re chosen, you’ll receive your check in May, 2016. We would like to plan a follow-up interview with your organization in the fall of 2016, to tell our donors and contributors what you’ve done.

What We Need from You:
1. Who you are. Tell us about the history of your organization and introduce yourselves.
2. What you do. Share your mission and tell us who or what you help.
3. What you wish you could do. We understand that funding is an issue for every nonprofit. Share your plan if you’re the recipient of the funds from the 2016 competition. This might simply involve funding existing operations or might involve a new project.

You’re welcome to write a traditional grant proposal. If this doesn’t suit you, feel free to make us a video, write us a song or create an art project. Provide your submission via email to (if you would prefer to present your submission on paper, please let us know via email and arrangements will be made).

All submissions are due by September 15, 2015. The QCBMF e-board will review all submissions, choose the three best, and take those to the October meeting. At the meeting, all members will join us in selecting our 2016 charity. We will announce the beneficiary of the 2016 competition following the October meeting of QCBMF.

The 2016 Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation Competition

PicMonkey Collage QCBMF
With great excitement, Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation would like to announce that we have set the date for the 2016 Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation Competition. Please join us at the 319 Event Center for a night of fun and fundraising on April 16, 2016. As always, we’ll have competitions for the kids, fake beards and moustaches and various categories for the gents with facial hair, from styled to au naturel.

This is the seventh annual QCBMF Beard and Moustache Competition. Each year, we’ve increased the amount raised for charity thanks to our members, competitors, and, most importantly, our generous sponsors. Please consider this the first official call for sponsors for the 2016 competition. Our sponsors make this all possible, and we appreciate it so much. This year, we would like to note that the official deadline for sponsors to be included in print materials for the competition is March 1, 2016. We’ll happily accept donations thereafter, but will not be able to include those sponsors on print materials. More specifics on sponsorship will follow after we’ve chosen our charity for 2016.

To choose a charity this year, we are asking local nonprofit organizations to provide us with a grant proposal, either in formal written form, or as a video or other artistic creation. The QCBMF e-board will narrow the choices, then take those to the membership as a whole in October 2015. We’ll be announcing our charity partner for the 2016 competition after the October QCBMF meeting.

Mark your calendars! As always, plan on a Friday night meet-and-greet, Saturday afternoon activities, and a Saturday night competition and after party. New this year is available childcare for the competition and a planned Sunday brunch.

July Meeting in Review

11695458_511157925701888_5567515623829782508_nIf you couldn’t make it to the meeting, or need to review dates and information from tonight’s meeting, you’ll find what you need to know here. Our congratulations to our friends at Bearded Monkey SC on their first successful competition. Bearded Monkey SC donated nearly $1200 to one of their local charity organizations, Heartsprings. QCBMF President Justin Bolin and member Bill Petersen brought home wins.

Our July volunteer event is a meal for our friends in need at the Veterans’ Homecoming Center. We’ll be serving at 1:00 P.M. on July 18. Please arrive at 12:50 if you would like to serve.

We’re serving up grilled burgers, chips, baked beans, deviled eggs, watermelon, cucumber salad and dessert. Check the facebook event page for specifics on what’s needed for the meal. Our thanks go to Patton Alley Pub for the generous donation of 80 lbs. of ground beef!

In the support of the Gathering Friends and all they do for those in need, we’ll now be passing the hat to collect a monthly commitment to supply $45.00 to the Gathering Friends and other outreach organizations to buy bus passes to provide transportation for those in need. These passes help individuals get to work, job training, doctor’s appointments and meet the basic needs of daily life that you and I take for granted.

In August, join us for two events. We have a scheduled street clean up on August 8th, meeting in the Incredible Pizza Parking lot at 10:00 A.M. This typically takes less than an hour and you’ll be on your way with a good deed done.

Additionally, we’ll have a booth at the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire on August 29th. You’re welcome to come staff our booth, or volunteer for the event itself through the link. Our own Vice-President, Jeremy Medley, is volunteer coordinator for this event.

Finally, in September, we’re planning an adults-only float trip on 9/12 on the Eleven Point River and a date to volunteer at the Haven Animal Rescue, still to be announced.

Volunteer with the Rare Breed June 6!


Queen City Beards and Moustaches (and Whiskerinas)!

Volunteers are needed to help out one of our favorite causes, the Rare Breed. They’re having their 15 year anniversary party and could use some hands.

June 6th at Grant Beach Park from 11:30-3:00

Volunteers are needed from 11:00-3:00 if possible. Even if a few guys wanted to pop in from 12-2 and just play some games, that would help a lot!

Anyone serving food should plan to be there from 11-4 or so, if you’re able. Sides and desserts for a simple hot dog meal are still needed, as well. If you can’t make it to the party, get ahold of a board member and we’ll help to coordinate getting goodies to them. The Rare Breed has especially requested the guys come out for this one. A lot of these kids are lacking male role models, so this is a chance to have some fun and do some good.

And Funds Go to the Friends of Gathering Friends

PicMonkey Collage QCBMF


As you may know, the public voted on our competition benefit fund recipient this year. The Gathering Friends was chosen by a slight majority and generously chose to share the funds with the other contestants. They divided the total by the percentages of votes earned during the voting. The other charities included in this year’s giving were the Rare Breed, Ozarks Food Harvest, Harmony House, Isabel’s House, and O-Steam. Each of these charities received a piece of the total funds earned at the year’s Queen City Beard and Moustache Competition.

Vice-President Jeremy Medley, Treasurer Shannon Medley, former Queen City Ambassador Bill Petersen and Gathering Friends representative Terra Salinas were on hand to deliver checks to all of the friends of the Gathering Friends on May 18, 2015.

The 6th Annual Beard and Moustache Competition Rundown

Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation

The 6th annual Beard and Moustache competition, held at the 319 Event Center on May 2, 2015 was bigger and better than ever before. In total, we had 103 adult contestants and 14 kid contestants in this year’s competition. And the results are, after months of planning, years of beard growth, and hours of competition:

Junior Beard
1. Matilda Hawley
2. Bryanna Simaytis
3. Kallahan Miller

Junior Moustache
1. Jenna Johnson

Natural Moustache
1. Brad Herbert
2. Ken Smith

Styled Moustache
1. Jason Evans
2. Thomas J Flannigan
3. Chad Holgren

Fake Moustache
1. April Armstrong
2. Michelle Hethcoat
3. Garra Crews

Partial Beard – Chops
1. Michael Lang
2. Scott Shipley
3. Kevin Droptiny

Partial Beard – Alaskan Whaler
1. John Armstrong
2. Darrell Powell
3. Shane Abney

Partial Beard – Goatee
1. Blane Skelton
2. Brian Stokes
3. Omar Shifrin

Partial Beard Styled
1. Steve McDonald
2. Kurt Kielman
3. Court Ketron

Fake Beard
1. Ginger Slap
2. Victoria Larson
3. Joey Rumpell

Full Beard Styled Moustache
1. Guido Cappello
2. Britton Wood
3. Hank Miller

Business Beard
1. Shane Thomas
2. Greg Patrick
3. Jordan Chainey

Full Beard – Under 8”
1. Christopher Puckett
2. Quinton Crocker
3. Don Darnell

Full Beard 8” and over
1. Matt Best
2. Michael Galbraith
3. Richie Darling

Full Beard Freestyle
1. Danny Norman
2. James Chrismer
3. Daniel Brown

While we are so pleased to have had so many great competitors at the 6th annual competition, we are even happier to announce that we exceeded our goal of $15,000 this year. On Wednesday, May 13, at our monthly meeting at Patton Alley Pub, we will present a check for $16,008.37 to the Gathering Friends and Friends. This wouldn’t have been possible without our generous sponsors, volunteers, competitors and spectators. In total, with the generous help of our community and beards from across the country, in the last six years, QCBMF has raised more than $40,000 for charity.

Whether you missed the event or just want to relive memories, you’ll find the pictures here.


2015 Registration & Judging FAQ’s

Moustache_questionIt has come to our attention that there is confusion regarding registration and judging with the Facial Hair League involvement in our event this year. Here are some additional details that will hopefully help clarify the registration and judging process this year based on some questions we’ve received in the last few days.

  1. I’ve pre-registered online, so do I have to register at the event, too, before 5pm?  Yes! Check-in and registration booths are open on the day of the event from 2-5pm. Upon arrival at the 319 Event Center, please check-in at the QCBMF Registration Booth. The volunteers will make note that you have arrived and provide you with your registration packet, including your FREE t-shirt (if you pre-registered before April 20). After checking in at the QCBMF Registration Booth, you will then go to the FHL Registration Booth where you will be assigned your contestant number and FHL lanyard.
  2. I don’t do apps and I don’t own a smartphone, do I have to have this app in order to compete?  No. After you’ve checked in with QCBMF and then go to the FHL Registration Booth, they will set up an FHL account for you and take your photo (optional) for the software application before assigning you a contestant number and lanyard. If you have a smartphone and wish to participate in the FHL app and share with friends who can play along and possibly win free swag, download the app here before arriving to save time at the FHL booth.
  3. Will the judging process rely solely on the FHL app?  No. Contestants will be judged by five guest judges who will be present at the event. The FHL app is still in its pilot phase and is being used to compliment our event, provide app users with a fun way to be engaged in the process and possibly win free swag if they happen to vote for the same winners the local judges do.
  4. Who are the guest judges?  This includes returning judge and mustachioed local news icon, Tom Trtan, as well as Jrod Rizz from the Tulsa Inner Thigh Ticklers Society, Troy Hawley from the NWA Society of Bearded or Mustachioed Gentlemen, Brad Jackson of Roughneck Beard Company from St. Louis, MO and Brett Strauss, founder of the Facial Hair League from Texas.
  5. How are we being judged?  All five judges will be using a point system from 1 to 10.5 7 to 10 (this was updated after speaking with FHL at the Meet & Greet). All points given by the judges for each contestant will be added together to come up with a total score per contestant. The three contestants from each category with the highest number of points will determine the placing contestants.
  6. If I’m among the top three for my category, what do I win?  First place contestants will receive a custom-made steel trophy provided by our sponsor, Sabo Fabrication Shop. Second and third place contestants will receive plaques. All placing contestants will also receive free gifts provided by our many raffle sponsors. There will also be a ‘Best In Show’ trophy, provided by our sponsoring artist, Scottoons, given to the contestant who stands out from all the rest. This will be given at the judges discretion.
  7. The FHL app will not let me sign up, it is timing out when I try to register. What do I do?  If you find you’re having trouble registering via the FHL app, it could be due to high traffic. We recommend trying again later or simply wait and let them help you get registered at the FHL Registration Booth on the day of the event.