Volunteer with the Rare Breed June 6!


Queen City Beards and Moustaches (and Whiskerinas)!

Volunteers are needed to help out one of our favorite causes, the Rare Breed. They’re having their 15 year anniversary party and could use some hands.

June 6th at Grant Beach Park from 11:30-3:00

Volunteers are needed from 11:00-3:00 if possible. Even if a few guys wanted to pop in from 12-2 and just play some games, that would help a lot!

Anyone serving food should plan to be there from 11-4 or so, if you’re able. Sides and desserts for a simple hot dog meal are still needed, as well. If you can’t make it to the party, get ahold of a board member and we’ll help to coordinate getting goodies to them. The Rare Breed has especially requested the guys come out for this one. A lot of these kids are lacking male role models, so this is a chance to have some fun and do some good.

And Funds Go to the Friends of Gathering Friends

PicMonkey Collage QCBMF


As you may know, the public voted on our competition benefit fund recipient this year. The Gathering Friends was chosen by a slight majority and generously chose to share the funds with the other contestants. They divided the total by the percentages of votes earned during the voting. The other charities included in this year’s giving were the Rare Breed, Ozarks Food Harvest, Harmony House, Isabel’s House, and O-Steam. Each of these charities received a piece of the total funds earned at the year’s Queen City Beard and Moustache Competition.

Vice-President Jeremy Medley, Treasurer Shannon Medley, former Queen City Ambassador Bill Petersen and Gathering Friends representative Terra Salinas were on hand to deliver checks to all of the friends of the Gathering Friends on May 18, 2015.

The 6th Annual Beard and Moustache Competition Rundown

Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation

The 6th annual Beard and Moustache competition, held at the 319 Event Center on May 2, 2015 was bigger and better than ever before. In total, we had 103 adult contestants and 14 kid contestants in this year’s competition. And the results are, after months of planning, years of beard growth, and hours of competition:

Junior Beard
1. Matilda Hawley
2. Bryanna Simaytis
3. Kallahan Miller

Junior Moustache
1. Jenna Johnson

Natural Moustache
1. Brad Herbert
2. Ken Smith

Styled Moustache
1. Jason Evans
2. Thomas J Flannigan
3. Chad Holgren

Fake Moustache
1. April Armstrong
2. Michelle Hethcoat
3. Garra Crews

Partial Beard – Chops
1. Michael Lang
2. Scott Shipley
3. Kevin Droptiny

Partial Beard – Alaskan Whaler
1. John Armstrong
2. Darrell Powell
3. Shane Abney

Partial Beard – Goatee
1. Blane Skelton
2. Brian Stokes
3. Omar Shifrin

Partial Beard Styled
1. Steve McDonald
2. Kurt Kielman
3. Court Ketron

Fake Beard
1. Ginger Slap
2. Victoria Larson
3. Joey Rumpell

Full Beard Styled Moustache
1. Guido Cappello
2. Britton Wood
3. Hank Miller

Business Beard
1. Shane Thomas
2. Greg Patrick
3. Jordan Chainey

Full Beard – Under 8”
1. Christopher Puckett
2. Quinton Crocker
3. Don Darnell

Full Beard 8” and over
1. Matt Best
2. Michael Galbraith
3. Richie Darling

Full Beard Freestyle
1. Danny Norman
2. James Chrismer
3. Daniel Brown

While we are so pleased to have had so many great competitors at the 6th annual competition, we are even happier to announce that we exceeded our goal of $15,000 this year. On Wednesday, May 13, at our monthly meeting at Patton Alley Pub, we will present a check for $16,008.37 to the Gathering Friends and Friends. This wouldn’t have been possible without our generous sponsors, volunteers, competitors and spectators. In total, with the generous help of our community and beards from across the country, in the last six years, QCBMF has raised more than $40,000 for charity.

Whether you missed the event or just want to relive memories, you’ll find the pictures here.