Make a Donation Online

Gathering_Friends_&FriendsDue to special request, we’ve added the option to make a donation via PayPal on this website for the charities we’re supporting with this year’s annual competition.

Our goal is $15,000 this year and proceeds will benefit six local charities here in the Ozarks.

  • Gathering Friends
  • Rare Breed
  • Ozarks Food Harvest
  • Harmony House
  • Isabel’s House
  • O-Steam

For additional information about all of these organizations, click here.

To make an online donation, look for the link in the right sidebar —>

THANK YOU for your support!

Thank you, Sponsors.

As an all volunteer group, this event really brings us together, kind of like team-building on steroids. Every year we continue to build on the excitement from the year before. We chose $15,000 when we decided to set our fundraising goals for this year’s competition after raising just over $10k last year.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are already more than half way to our goal. We’d like to acknowledge those sponsors for you all to think of them when looking for their products and services.Presented_by_insulUSA

‘Best in Show’ Sponsor – $2,000

Full Beard’ Sponsors – 1,000Full-Beard_Sponsors

‘Partial Beard’ Sponsors – $500

‘Moustache’ Sponsors – $250

‘Faker’ Sponsors – $100