Hair and Humidity…Not a Fun Mix :p

Hello Beardos, hope everyone is having a good start to the summer. The summer heat has arrived and I hope everyone is handling it well. Have a couple of things to update you all on, so here we go.

First thing is the upcoming duckman look a like contest. We are needing some volunteers to help with getting people registered around 1pm on Sat Jun 29th. Please email or facebook if you would like to help. Hope to see you all there! 🙂


Second is our E-board meeting will be July 1st. Everyone is invited and the location is at Adobe Coyote Cafe’ at 6pm.


Third and final thing is about the Kansas City Beard Contest. We are needing to get a head count on who will be going because we are trying to get a group discount on hotel rooms. Please email or facebook if you are wanting to be apart of this.


Well everyone we hope you have a great rest of the month and hope to see you all next Saturday! 🙂

Summer is upon us everyone!

Hello Beardos! Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Got a few things to update everyone one on. 🙂



First off we are now proud owners of a street in springfield! We have 0.5 miles to keep litter free on Sunset and Campbell. If you want to help volunteer next month on our patch of road please make it to our monthly meeting (as normal 6 o’clock at Mothers) so you can sign the paperwork to voulunteer.


duck-dynasty-16Second is the Sertoma Duck Race Duckman Beard Lookalike Contest. Click on the picture to link you to more info and details on the event we are helping with.



Also with the monthly meeting we are selling our competition shirts for $5!! Get’em while they are hot!

And also if you want to get a black shop shirt please bring $35 for the shirt order.


I will be updating our calendar next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you Wednesday!!