The days are flying by…like facial hair in the wind

Hello fellow beardos! The month of march has come and gone so fast! It’s hard to believe that in 24 days our competition will be here! Sost patty much to do and time is a ticking, but us beardos can handle anything we get put in front of us! 🙂 I want to stay a big thank you to all that were involved in the St. Patrick’s Day parade float and stache making. We had such a blast doing it and the parade was great! Didn’t come home with a trophy this year but hey, we have next year and have some great float ideas in mind, hairy ones in fact. Once we get all the pics round up they will be put in a photo album for all to see.


wiskerinasOn to the next matter at hand. On Friday April 5, 2013 our Wiskerinas will be getting together at First Artwalk of the month to promote our beautiful facial hair and hand out our fun and informative staches that we gave out at the parade to let people know about the competition. Going to meet at Patton Alley Pub @ 7pm, so come one ,come all ladies and make sure you have some crazy facial hair to catch the masses eyes! 🙂 *click on image to go to facebook page*


For all the beardos that helped last weekend and will be helping this weekend with Habitat for Humanity I want habitatto give you all a pat on the back. Such an amazing organization that helps many needing people. Thank you so much Tommy Hawkins for bringing this amazing charity work opportunity to us at the last meeting. You are an awesome individual sir, and your beard is nice too ;p  *click on image to go to album of all the pics*

Now on to the competition info. As you can see in our last email we have some great sponsors and more amazing things to come for everyone this year! We have already taken care of Haven of the Ozarks and from this point on all will be going to Wounded Warriors! It’s just so amazing what can be done when a community comes together. 🙂 Our Meet and Greet will be at Mother’s April 19th and will have musical accompaniment by Goat Milk Honey. Time and band will be give asap. We are still taking pre-registration and for those that own or may know a business that is wanting to donate raffle or silent auction gifts please contact me Savannah Reed either with our email or on our fb page. 🙂

And last but not least our meeting before the competition will be April 10th, 2013 @ our lovely Mother’s Tasting Room! Our main focus will be about the competition and hammering out any details. Let’s keep the energy going that we have had the last few meetings and there is nothing that can get in our way! Well hope everyone is staying warm and had a good March, April we are ready for you!