Competition Time Everyone!

Hello all you beardos. Hope everyone’s new year is going well so far. Just wanting to let everyone we are in the works of getting everything together for…*drum roll please…* The 4th Annual QueenCityBeards Beard and Moustache Competition!!! TA DA! 😀 Yes our last few meetings have been very productive and we have made a lot of head way. We are hoping to have as good or even better year than last year. If you would like to help out in any way you can please feel free to come to our next meeting Feb. 13th. Through out this week i will try and put up all that we are going to do for our hairy fellows. 🙂

Well that is all for now my friends. Hope to see you all next meeting. 🙂

The New Year Is Finally Here!

Well hello all you beardos out there. I know I am late saying this but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 EVERYONE!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years eve and day. I hope that this year has in store as much as we had last year and so much more! 🙂

As always I am reminding all of you of our first meeting of the year Jan. 9th. Same time, same place…MOTHERS of course.

Also we have starting planning our annual beard and mustache competition. It will be our 4th one..can you believe it?! The date for sure is April 20th. We have some more things to hammer out..details will be on here by mid of this month after our meeting. Hope you all will be there to compete or even just to volunteer and help out.

Hope to see you all at the meeting and through out the year! 🙂 2013 the year of the beard!  *and mustaches too 😉 *