Happy New Year

Greetings and Happy New Year Hairy Ones.

Hope all is well in the Queen City this new year. 2011 is over and what a great year it was.

The 2011 Beard and Moustache competition, in Springfield, raised money for Isabel’s House and helped spread the word of the Beard….and moustache.

This year, proceeds from the Beard and Moustache competition will be benefiting the Ozark’s Food Harvest Backpack program. The program sends meals home with kids. Kids that might go hungry every night, if not for a great organization like OFH. We are proud to be helping them this year.

During our volunteer sessions we have been helping where help is needed. Ozark’s Food Harvest, Haven of the Ozarks no-kill animal shelter, Big Brothers/Big Sisters have all benefited from our help and generosity. Let’s keep it going. This year our volunteer sessions will be scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of every month.  January, we will be serving meals at the Kitchen from 1 to 1:30 on the 21st. Unfortunately the are only allowing 6 of us to volunteer, so sign up early.

Our monthly meeting is the 2nd Wednesday the month.  Join us at Patton Alley Pub to discuss volunteer sessions, beard grooming and maybe drink a beer or two. Attendance has been a little down lately and I encourage you all to get out and enjoy my company.  😉

Last, but not least, we are uber-proud (get it…uber pilsner) to announce that the Federation has joined forces with the coolest brewery in town.  Mother’s Brewing Company is our new sponsor and we can’t be happier. Looks like Mother’s main man, Jeff Schrag, will be one of the celebrity judges at the 2012 Queen City Beard and Moustache competition.

Which leads me to another last but not least…The Competition will be held Saturday, April 21st (moved up a month early) at our home away from home, The Patton Alley Pub.  Mark your calendars and grow that hair!

Whoa…another last but not least? And another mark your calendars? Sure, why not.  Go to beardteamusa.org and become a member of Beard Team USA get excited about the national competition to be held November 11th in Las Vegas.  Be there to compete or support your favorite Beard and Moustache Federation!

Hope to see you all soon!
el Presidente