Make a Donation Online

Gathering_Friends_&FriendsDue to special request, we’ve added the option to make a donation via PayPal on this website for the charities we’re supporting with this year’s annual competition.

Our goal is $15,000 this year and proceeds will benefit six local charities here in the Ozarks.

  • Gathering Friends
  • Rare Breed
  • Ozarks Food Harvest
  • Harmony House
  • Isabel’s House
  • O-Steam

For additional information about all of these organizations, click here.

To make an online donation, look for the link in the right sidebar —>

THANK YOU for your support!

New Logo Coming Soon!

This year marks our 5th anniversary and cause for an updated logo to celebrate the occasion.  A lot has happened in the last five years and we’re excited to now be officially forming our own non-profit to provide a more organized means of support for our community and the agencies that we serve.

ANYONE can submit a logo design, but only active members will be allowed to vote for the winning design.

unveil-event-curtainWhat we are looking for:
We want an update to the face and map of Missouri. The only requirement is that ‘Queen City Beard & Moustache’ is red & ‘Federation’ is black.  We would also like to see the word Federation horizontally rather than vertically.

The new logo will debut at the competition on May 3.  Artists can email their submissions to now through April 9, 2014 or bring the artwork to the meeting.  The meeting will be held at Patton Alley Pub, 313 S. Patton, Springfield, MO, beginning at 6pm immediately following a pre-meeting at 319 Event Center at 5pm.  Voting will take place at the end of the meeting.

The winning artist will be honored at the competition on May 3 and is encouraged to be present for recognition.  All artist submissions will be highlighted on our website and we reserve the right to use the submitted art as necessary.

Good luck to all the creative minds and we look forward to seeing the designs!

Happy Hairy 4th Everyone!

Hello all you beardos! Hope everyone had a safe and great 4th of  July! Just a few things to let you all know we go! 🙂

duck dynasty First wanted to say thank you to all that came out to the Sertoma Duck Race Duck Dynasty Look a like contest!

Hope everyone enjoyed the competition and the race for such a great charity! 🙂




kc comp

The second thing i need to bring up is the Kansas City Beard Competition. We are needing to know of anyone that will be going to that we can get a head count so we can get a good hotel room rate. We also need to know if you will be needing rooms for fri, sat or both and we need to know by July 15th. Please either email, fb or tell us at the meeting. Also  if you pre registrer by July 13th you will receive a free tshirt. Go to their webpage to do so. 🙂


The volunteers for the street clean up for  July 20th will be meeting at Incredible Pizza at 9 am. The next eboard meeting is going to be at the Pizza House on Aug. 7th at 6pm. Our august meeting will be the 14th and will be at Enterprise Lanes so bring the family and its at 6pm as always. Please also for that give a head count so we know how many lanes we will need to be saved.

And also this coming wends (10th) will be at mothers as usual. Again hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and see you all wends! 🙂




Hair and Humidity…Not a Fun Mix :p

Hello Beardos, hope everyone is having a good start to the summer. The summer heat has arrived and I hope everyone is handling it well. Have a couple of things to update you all on, so here we go.

First thing is the upcoming duckman look a like contest. We are needing some volunteers to help with getting people registered around 1pm on Sat Jun 29th. Please email or facebook if you would like to help. Hope to see you all there! 🙂


Second is our E-board meeting will be July 1st. Everyone is invited and the location is at Adobe Coyote Cafe’ at 6pm.


Third and final thing is about the Kansas City Beard Contest. We are needing to get a head count on who will be going because we are trying to get a group discount on hotel rooms. Please email or facebook if you are wanting to be apart of this.


Well everyone we hope you have a great rest of the month and hope to see you all next Saturday! 🙂

Summer is upon us everyone!

Hello Beardos! Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Got a few things to update everyone one on. 🙂



First off we are now proud owners of a street in springfield! We have 0.5 miles to keep litter free on Sunset and Campbell. If you want to help volunteer next month on our patch of road please make it to our monthly meeting (as normal 6 o’clock at Mothers) so you can sign the paperwork to voulunteer.


duck-dynasty-16Second is the Sertoma Duck Race Duckman Beard Lookalike Contest. Click on the picture to link you to more info and details on the event we are helping with.



Also with the monthly meeting we are selling our competition shirts for $5!! Get’em while they are hot!

And also if you want to get a black shop shirt please bring $35 for the shirt order.


I will be updating our calendar next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you Wednesday!!

Up and Coming Events for this month!

Hello Beardos!

Just wanting to let everyone know if some of our events for this already almost over month of May.

mothers day

First one is coming up this Sat May 18th for Third Ever Mother’s Day Festival @ Mother’s. We will have our own booth, we can set up from 12 pm to 12:20 pm. Starts at 2 pm and goes till 8 pm. The event will be family friendly and will have food, local artists and music…and of course BEER! Click on the picture to go straight to the fb event page. If you would like to volunteer please send an email or private message to us to let us know who all is coming to help.


river clean up

Also we have the  River Rescue Crystal Anniversary Saturday June 1st.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun! Our new Volunteer Coordinator Mindy Moad is trying to get a head count so that we can get our group pre-registered so that we can have our canoes reserved (unless you are bringing your own). The canoes are free but tshirts do cost $12. Please let us know by this Saturday May 18th if you want to participate in this great activity and also she will get our shirt sizes taken care of too. Please either email, private message on fb or call Mindy directly (417-536-9938) . (click on image to go to the website)


Well that’s all for now friends. We will keep you informed of everything that is happening to our great group, that with every meeting seems to get a little bit bigger and stronger…just like our beards! 🙂 Hope everyone had a great mother’s day and hope to see you at some of these great events. Have a great weekend everyone!

April showers bring May flowers, and frizzy beards…

Hello everyone, what an exciting month April was. The competition was great and we had a lot of fun. Sorry this email is coming a few days late, gotta love technical issues haha. So let’s get down to business and get all you beardos updated on for our next meeting.

First off is wrapping up on the competition. We had a great turn out and a great time.Will be sending out a finalized category list of the winners in a follow up post and email soon as we have  the info for  it.  Haven of the Ozarks and Wounded Warriors are such amazing charities and we are so glad we got to raise money for such great causes. We will have an official tally soon also in the follow up. We have already started on brain storming for next years competition…bigger and better than ever (just like our beards right? ;p)

We also will be talking about  new bylaws the board wants to apply to our wonderful group. These bylaws will help out a lot with being an active member. More will be explained at our meeting.

Also we will be having  4 speakers coming in to talk with us about their organizations that will be new for us to volunteer with or old friends we have volunteered with in the past. The speakers will be John from Haven of the Ozarks, Jennifer from Ozarks Food Harvest, Tommy from Habitat for Humanity, and Christine from Cross Lines. Hope to hear more great things about these organizations and what they do for our community. 🙂


Last but not least wanted to remind everyone that we still have some competition shirts left over, on sale for $10! Get ’em while there hot!
back of shirt






Also for the wonderful pictures that were taken at the competition by Anthony L Williams Photography are available for purchase as well. Click the picture to go to his webpage for more info on prices.

beard pic







Well that is all for now everyone. Hope we have a great meeting and hope to see you all there and looking forward to this new year for our great hairy group!

The days are flying by…like facial hair in the wind

Hello fellow beardos! The month of march has come and gone so fast! It’s hard to believe that in 24 days our competition will be here! Sost patty much to do and time is a ticking, but us beardos can handle anything we get put in front of us! 🙂 I want to stay a big thank you to all that were involved in the St. Patrick’s Day parade float and stache making. We had such a blast doing it and the parade was great! Didn’t come home with a trophy this year but hey, we have next year and have some great float ideas in mind, hairy ones in fact. Once we get all the pics round up they will be put in a photo album for all to see.


wiskerinasOn to the next matter at hand. On Friday April 5, 2013 our Wiskerinas will be getting together at First Artwalk of the month to promote our beautiful facial hair and hand out our fun and informative staches that we gave out at the parade to let people know about the competition. Going to meet at Patton Alley Pub @ 7pm, so come one ,come all ladies and make sure you have some crazy facial hair to catch the masses eyes! 🙂 *click on image to go to facebook page*


For all the beardos that helped last weekend and will be helping this weekend with Habitat for Humanity I want habitatto give you all a pat on the back. Such an amazing organization that helps many needing people. Thank you so much Tommy Hawkins for bringing this amazing charity work opportunity to us at the last meeting. You are an awesome individual sir, and your beard is nice too ;p  *click on image to go to album of all the pics*

Now on to the competition info. As you can see in our last email we have some great sponsors and more amazing things to come for everyone this year! We have already taken care of Haven of the Ozarks and from this point on all will be going to Wounded Warriors! It’s just so amazing what can be done when a community comes together. 🙂 Our Meet and Greet will be at Mother’s April 19th and will have musical accompaniment by Goat Milk Honey. Time and band will be give asap. We are still taking pre-registration and for those that own or may know a business that is wanting to donate raffle or silent auction gifts please contact me Savannah Reed either with our email or on our fb page. 🙂

And last but not least our meeting before the competition will be April 10th, 2013 @ our lovely Mother’s Tasting Room! Our main focus will be about the competition and hammering out any details. Let’s keep the energy going that we have had the last few meetings and there is nothing that can get in our way! Well hope everyone is staying warm and had a good March, April we are ready for you!

Competition Time Everyone!

Hello all you beardos. Hope everyone’s new year is going well so far. Just wanting to let everyone we are in the works of getting everything together for…*drum roll please…* The 4th Annual QueenCityBeards Beard and Moustache Competition!!! TA DA! 😀 Yes our last few meetings have been very productive and we have made a lot of head way. We are hoping to have as good or even better year than last year. If you would like to help out in any way you can please feel free to come to our next meeting Feb. 13th. Through out this week i will try and put up all that we are going to do for our hairy fellows. 🙂

Well that is all for now my friends. Hope to see you all next meeting. 🙂

The New Year Is Finally Here!

Well hello all you beardos out there. I know I am late saying this but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 EVERYONE!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years eve and day. I hope that this year has in store as much as we had last year and so much more! 🙂

As always I am reminding all of you of our first meeting of the year Jan. 9th. Same time, same place…MOTHERS of course.

Also we have starting planning our annual beard and mustache competition. It will be our 4th one..can you believe it?! The date for sure is April 20th. We have some more things to hammer out..details will be on here by mid of this month after our meeting. Hope you all will be there to compete or even just to volunteer and help out.

Hope to see you all at the meeting and through out the year! 🙂 2013 the year of the beard!  *and mustaches too 😉 *